There is an insurance premium at the auction, which is withdrawn in case of refusal from the car, if it was won, or you are late in payment for the car. This deposit is our guarantee.

The amount of the deposit is $ 1000, if the price of the car does not exceed $ 10,000

The deposit is refunded in full if the client had time to refuse before the start of trading. The deposit is also fully refundable if we could not find, buy or win the auction.

The insurance deposit may not be returned to the client if he refuses from the car already won at the auction, or if he has not paid for the car within the allotted time in the contract. In these cases, Carmarket uses a security deposit to pay fines, which the IAAI imposes on it.

The cost of car delivery to Azerbaijan depends on the port of departure in the United States. There is a calculator on our website by which you can find out the cost of delivery.

We check the car according to the CARFAX and AUTOCHECK databases.

Average delivery time 55-70 days

Yes . Our consultants will help you to clear your car through customs.

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