CARMARKET - Official partner of IAAI.COM in Azerbaijan

Carmarket is a partner of IAAI.COM in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This means that you can be confident in choosing the right vehicle from the USA. Carmarket has undergone a deep audit and service is regulated and verified by the IAA department


How it works?

Car search

Visual inspection and discussion. Search for a car at auctions and the approximate cost of repairs and spare parts.


The company's specialists calculate all the costs of purchasing a car even before the start of the auction. The client is told the amount of costs for delivery, customs clearance, repairs, etc.

Deposit and signing a contract

The company conducts any relationship with the client only through the signing of an agreement. It spells out all the rights and obligations of both parties, which guarantees the honesty, transparency and reliability of our work.

Participation in the auction

We will bid for you up to your maximum, one bid after another. Important: We do not offer the entire rate for a car at once.


The auction has been won! Congratulations, you have 2 days to pay in full based on your bank invoice. Cash settlement with us is carried out only for our services.

Shipping and handling

As soon as the car has been paid in full, we will place your car in the parking lot and provide detailed photographs of the car. The vehicle is then loaded into a container.

Shipping by sea

The term of transportation by sea is from 30 to 45 days.

Customs clearance

We help you to clear your car through customs.

Electric cars

The latest changes in the customs code of Azerbaijan allow customs clearance of an electric car without paying VAT. Contact us and we will help you choose an electric car and tell you about all its advantages.

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