About Us

Welcome to Carmarket, we are the official representative in Baku, one of the largest Insurance Auto Auction, we provide a full range of car purchases from the USA.

With the most extensive network of sites, the largest customer base and the highest profit among auction participants, Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. is the leader in used vehicle sales in North America, with a focus on sales of decommissioned vehicles and our 150 sites across the US and Canada sellers and buyers can find the optimal solution for the registration and purchase of rented cars of different categories: completely written off, returned from theft, leased, handed over in exchange for new models and having an accident.

Our combined auction scheme (where bids are live, online and by proxy), combined with an established customer base and a variety of lots, bring record profits to participants per sale. In more than 25 years in this area, we have collected the most complete data on decommissioned vehicle auctions. We offer you our services to purchase a car for the specified parameters with maximum economy and safety. We provide information on buying a car, selection of options at auctions, participation in auctions, car delivery to Azerbaijan, unloading and customs clearance.

By purchasing a car with us, you can save about 40% of the cost, avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses, because the process of selecting, checking and buying a car has many nuances that we take into account thanks to our many years of experience. Due to the fact that we are an auction partner, you will be able to receive a lower auction commission than if you participate in the auction yourself as a private person

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